This is a new piece that once again I was compelled to create…I often times wake during the night with a vision that I simply must visually portray with the artistic tools that God has gifted me with. This was such a piece….and as has happened many times before, the artwork that I create coincides with my life experiences and spiritual journey…
In this piece, I am working to express the power and hope that we have in Christ….the power that brought our Lord back to life is the same power we have today…even in the midst of struggle and pain and loss, we have resurrection power…to overcome and to thrive through the presence and intervention of our Loving Father and the guidance of the Holy Spirit….rejoice my brothers and sisters in Christ…for you are loved and you are victorious!


About juliequinnstudio

I am an artist, speaker, and writer whose focus is the relationship between art, faith, and prayer.
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One Response to Resurrection

  1. Nora says:

    Oh how I needed this image this morning. It is so hard to remember the love when shame enters so quickly. I love it.

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