Into The Deep

I turned 60 years old a few days ago. Truth be told, I had been dreading this milestone birthday. How did I get to be this old so fast?? The years are going by too quickly….
But so far 60 has been pretty amazing. I find myself surrounded by an incredible family and awesome friends. And I am blessed to be called to meaningful work in my art. Just recently I was reminded again by people I have never met how much my work means to them and blesses them. This is what makes it all worthwhile….So I find myself being called to an even deeper place of intimacy with my heavenly Father….He is drawing me even closer… because I believe there are divine appointments ahead….God is expanding my territory to the rest of the world. And my work will be in Italy and Paris this year. I will be traveling to Paris this fall to be present at an annual international show at the Louvre. So 60 is turning out to be pretty exciting and I am grateful….This piece is all about being called into the deep with Him…trusting and embracing the journey…and resting in the knowledge that He is in control and has purpose for me to fulfill. I do it gladly….


About juliequinnstudio

I am an artist, speaker, and writer whose focus is the relationship between art, faith, and prayer.
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One Response to Into The Deep

  1. John Padgett says:

    Julie, you old thing, I love the mystery of this painting. Makes me think about life’s mystery – we do no know (really) why we are here or what we are supposed to be doing, but we just keep on keeping on, each in their own way. You are going on a wonderful journey and it help us all be happier.Love JP

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